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Kenneth Kenny Weinfurtner

In the Studio

Painting a Portrait
– Color Charts & Painting Procedure

Painting Color Charts

Zorn & Traditional Color Charts. Color charts familiarize the artist with color mixing, color strength & color transparency. In this chart the artist enjoys seeing a variety of colors and skin tones in different situations.
– use a palette knife to keep colors clean.
– for the Zorn Palette (top) strive for a smooth gradation of tones from the darkest tone the mixture will make to the lightest tone you can make while retaining the color identity.
– for the Traditional Palette (bottom) create light skin tones in values 2, 3, and 4; for shadows create values 5, 7, and 9; for neutrals make values 3, 5, 7, and 9.
– often it’s easiest to create the darkest and lightest tones first then fill in in between.

Painting Procedure

Line InWeinfurtner_01_Bella

Shadow ShapesWeinfurtner_02_Bella

Midtones and 1/2 Tones

Restate Midtones and 1/2 Tones

Eyes and Face

Restate and Refine

Features, Details, and Character